Friday, August 21, 2015

Cookie Break

              Yummy lemon icing on a short bread cookie. I had so much fun making them.

     Victoria Welch from BlurberryBuzz did the design on my hand that you can see peeking out from          
                                                                   under the cookie

Simple quick designs for a Tea Party with friends.

               So much fun to sit around with a group of friends sipping tea and doing henna.

Rafti gets tangled in some vines

Much better to get tangled in some henna vines than in a yoga position when you have just had a wonderful lunch and eaten a little too much.


                                                      I think this has to be my Motto.
                                                        LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE
                                                 I got it from school and I still love it.

Bali High

I am just back from Bali where I met up with Rafti. Yes I know she really does live the best life. I love visiting her there. We do lots of yoga and eat health food. I love to walk in the rice paddies and slow down from my hectic life in NY.
I am always looking for old houses and hidden temples on my adventures. Here are some of my favorite finds from my wanderings.

Just for Fun

So I made up a big batch of henna from my trip to Morocco and it was time to test. It was amazingly fine powder and yummy to design with. I think I will be wearing shorts this week.

Laura's New Cuff

When Laura saw the henna I did on Rafti she asked me could I make her a cuff on her wrist.

Here it is.

I used Red Raj Henna and after the paste flaked off it turned into a beautiful dark orange stain that lasted about 2 weeks.

Yes I was inspired by the curtains.


Who says life isn't full of surprises. I recently stayed in a small hotel in CT and fell in love with the curtains.

So this is what happened!!!

My mum thinks I am crazy. Yes she knows me well. I wouldn't ever want to be too serious.

Visiting Morocco

May is always a wonderful time to go to Morocco and this year I went to visit my best friend Rafti who I grew up with in Sydney. She now lives between Fez and Bali and is always happy to offer up a hand or a foot for me to play on.
We went and stayed with her friend Steven who owns the famous Cafe Clock in his hill side house overlooking Meknès. Here is a photo of the beautiful room I got to sleep in and a design that I did on Rafti after a leisurely breakfast of fresh orange juice and croissants on the terrace

When the Easter Bunny turned into a Jackalope

One on my favorite 4 year olds asked me to make a little bunny on her hand for easter and so I happily pulled out a henna cone and drew it on her arm. She loves sparkles so I added a little glitter. Her 7 year old sister did not want to miss out but she didn't want an ordinary bunny either so we added some antlers and Voila! A Jackalope was born. Can you guess her favorite color?

Things that inspire me.

When it comes to creating henna designs there are so many things that inspire me. Flowers that grow on my little NY terrace, wall paper designs, subway grates, gates and much more. Last week in ABC Carpet I found these little wood block carvings. How cute would they be.

Making my own Henna

Hello and welcome to Henna Jules.

I love henna and am inspired by it and the people who share my passion for this magic plant that has been adorning women for centuries.

The choices are simple. I start with Fresh triple sifted dried Natural Henna Powder from India, Pakistan or Morocco. I then add lemon juice and organic essential Lavender or Cajeput Oil.

Sometimes I mix in a little Wild Orange or Lemongrass Essential oil depending on how I am feeling and the season.
Here is a test of 4 different batches. As you can see each batch is slightly different and can be anywhere from lush and creamy to pliable and stringy.